Have you witnessed an incident?

Take what you witness seriously.

Behavior involving sexual violence or harassment is unacceptable under any circumstance. The repercussions on the victim must not be downplayed. Let the other person know immediately that you are uncomfortable and that their behaviour is disrespectful.

Ask the victim if he/she accept your assistance, and make sure your actions do not make the situation more dangerous.

What should you do?

  • Create a distraction. If you can, use a distraction to change the dynamics. This will allow the victim of the unwanted behaviour to get out of the situation.
  • Direct action. If you can, intervene directly to make the behavior stop.
  • Delegate. If you cannot create a distraction or take direct action, ask someone in a position of authority to intervene.

Refer and assist.

Encourage the victim to consult the Center for Harassment Intervention (BIMH) (website in French only).
The Centre will listen to him or her and offer advice, counselling, support and assistance to go through this very painful situation. Offer to accompany the victim to the BIMH or to make the phone call with him or her.

Talk about it objectively.

Report incidents of sexual violence and harassment that you witness by contacting the Center of Harassment Intervention (BIMH) (website in French only) or one of the following resources.