Are you experiencing or have you experienced a difficult situation?

Talk about it!

Facing the psychological and physical repercussions of harassment or sexual violence alone is difficult. In complete confidentiality, contact the professionals of the Centre for Harassment Intervention (BIMH). The website is in French, but services are offered in both French and English. They will listen, offer counselling, support and assistance, and suggest some options to put an end to the situation. You can obtain their confidential support in person (3333 Queen-Mary Road, suite 543), by email ( or by phone (514 343-7020).

If you have recently been a victim of sexual assault, it is also recommended that you visit one of the Designated Centres for Victims of Sexual Assault.

These centers provide confidential professional services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Personnel trained to intervene with victims of sexual assault greet and assist victims throughout their decision-making process. Regardless of whether you file a complaint or not, have visible injuries or not, you can receive assistance. Every step of the process is completed with the consent of the victim.


Behavior involving sexual violence or harassment is unacceptable under any circumstance.

If you can, clearly tell the person who is upsetting you that their behaviour is bothersome, offensive, intimidating or humiliating, and that you do not accept it. You can do this verbally (ideally in the presence of a witness) or in writing (keep a copy of your message).

Do not be ashamed.

The person harassing you or being sexually violent is responsible for his or her own actions.

If possible, record the details: the date, time, place, names of witnesses, actions, words spoken, your feelings, your reactions, whom you discussed it with, etc. Keep any information which could be used as evidence.